Saturday, February 6, 2010


Abhishek think most of his readers are already part of one or more social networking sites.abhishek is wondering about the time we spent on it doing actually nothing productive,even what abhishek is doing just now falls in same category.abhishek says take a look at communities that are there,people make communities on any topic or any ramdom thought example let me sleep for five more min, i will make my father proud, proxy laga dena yaar, without google i would be dead, do u have extra pen,.....list is long. abhishek hav seen some profiles with more communities then friends,his own Lilttle brother has one such .abhishek think that this is the limit of vellpanti.
abhishek do not understand the need of putting status that are made with exotic english and thousand words .........actually they make abhishek scratch his head for understanding them.

for all this abhishek has one word "BABA RE"..


  1. toh kya huaa??????? main tumhari tarah sab logo dost nahin bana leta mr"vella"!!!!!!

  2. n agar tumhe status nahin samajh aata then pls sharpen ur witt

  3. hey its not like that ki main sab ko dost bana leta hoon
    n who is vella lets see in this summer holidays